The Call of Glamour

Soothing and electrifying, in the creative spirit and Glamour of Berlin’s fashion scene, “PARIS CHIC” enfolds 12 delicious Pop Pearls.

“PARIS CHIC” creates a unique audio and visual experience - this Musical Team also represents a new Era of Germanys creative Comeback and Style.

Refreshing and sexy, the voice of singer and performer Cherry de Boer crowns this musical journey. With an unique gesture and a universal sound, Cherry is truly demonstrating the “Zeitgeist” of Berlin

Under the roof of Berlin’s creative call, teams

of songwriters diverse over Europe, from Stockholm, Vienna, London and Berlin have come together to create this unique Euro Pop / Ballad Album.

The Album Title “an Ice Cube in Champagne” remarkably transforms the cool and distant Aura of Marlene Dietrich, into 2012 and more.

“An Ice Cube in Champagne” finished recording

in Vienna in 2011, under the direction of one of Madonna' s Producers, Georg Luksch.

We would like to invite you to explore the world of CHIC. Wrapped in sound of wonder!

Share a little of the Journey. And inhale the beauty and fascination of life.


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